10 Christmas Movies to Watch with Kids

We all know and cherish Christmas traditions, including decorating the tree, making cookies, and caroling. However, nothing will make your family more joyful than cozying up to watch a classic Christmas movie. Additionally, it is the only family activity that requires minimum preparation.

Due to their feel-good feeling and the fact that they endure and reaffirm the very essence of this magnificent event, these movies have a distinctive quality.

If you don’t know where to start? Relax! For a genuinely delightful evening at home, we’ve put up 10 of the finest Christmas movies for kids, from older favorites like Elf and Home Alone to more contemporary ones.

1. The Polar Express

The same-named novel served as the inspiration for this computer-animated film. It is the tale of a little child who questions the existence of Santa Claus. He is then asked on Christmas Eve to travel by train to the North Pole to see Santa. A fantastic voyage where he encounters some exceptional people follows.

The movie shows the value of friendship and helping one another out. Other admirable qualities shown in the script include bravery, compassion, and kindness. Santa also emphasizes the value of humility and patience while urging people to observe the holiday in its genuine spirit.

2. A Boy Called Christmas

This Christmas movie is one of the holiday movies from Netflix, based on Matt Haig’s best-selling book. The story is about a toy-loving child who befriends reindeer and assists Santa’s elves.

This movie has a positive, feel-good feeling, and the images are rather festive – ideal for setting the scene for the holidays.

3. A Christmas Story

Ralphie Parker only asks for one thing for Christmas: a Daisy Red Ryder 200-shot Carbine Action Air Rifle. The parents disagree with him and express their disbelief, telling him: “You’ll shoot your eye out!” despite his obsession. Even sitting on Santa’s lap makes him stutter. Christmas may occasionally be the most bizarre time of year.

Kids enjoy watching the situations happening in this movie because the parents are hilarious and genuine. Ralphie’s parents are adorably imperfect and human. For example, the family has dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and after Christmas, it gets eaten by the dogs. The movie depicts both the hilarity and melancholy of youth and is one of the best movies to watch with kids.

4. The Muppet Christmas Carol

One of the classic holiday movies for youngsters is The Muppet Christmas Carol. Kermit, Miss Piggy, and a musical drama set in the Victorian era make it a typical Muppet film.

The tale’s protagonist is Scrooge, an elderly miser who despises the holidays. But his opinion of Christmas changes as ghosts appear to him and enlighten him about his past and future. The film imparts the notion that kindness and compassion can transform a society.

5. Home Alone

Home Alone has been a family favorite ever since it was released. After all, Macaulay Culkin’s character Kevin’s wacky notions are timeless. People watch for this reason each year.

Home Alone is a comedy about a little kid who unintentionally is left home without his family as they travel to Paris for the holidays.

He gets freedom while striving to guard his home against two inept burglars, Marv and Harry, who keep falling into his ploys. But as he gains this freedom, he realizes how much he misses his family, even his obnoxious brother Buzz.

The family can opt to have a “Home Alone” movie marathon when the film is over.

6. The Snowman

We might be breaking a rule here since The Snowman is a masterpiece despite being the oldest film on this list and maybe not even a movie.

The Snowman has a low quality heightened by the fact that kids have always been compelled to watch it repeatedly in the weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays. However, we think it is fantastic and that kids should experience it. Once, at least.

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown is depressed as the holiday happiness and merriment season gets underway. Lucy advises that Charlie put on a Christmas performance to get into the holiday mood because she is the fantastic local child psychiatrist.

Still, everything falls apart for poor Chuck when his centerpiece, a practically naked and unfortunate-looking small tree, is ridiculed by people around him.

But Charlie’s Christmas tragedy has a joyful ending that you and your kids won’t be able to help but groove to owing to the irresistible mix of a touching message from Linus on the essence of Christmas and the overwhelming force of infectious jazz music.

8. Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the highlights of this movie, perhaps? Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas is a scary take on the holy, merry season, so if you missed it around Halloween, you could watch it again in December.

Will the Pumpkin King succeed in capturing Christmas town? While you wait to learn, go ahead and get the corn and candy canes and have the best time with the kids.

9. Klaus

J.K. Simmons can smash many roles, so having him play Santa in this endearing origin story is a particular hit for family entertainment. This animated movie tells how Santa Claus evolved from a lone toy craftsman to the beloved figure we all know and love today.

It is narrated from the perspective of Jesper, the Royal Postmaster General’s entitled and egotistical son. His father gives him the assignment to post 6,000 letters in a year at the remote, northern island hamlet of Smeerenburg out of resentment over his laziness.

There, he meets Klaus, and Jesper discovers a touching way to give back to his town as the legend of Santa Claus slowly comes to life. The animation in Klaus is exquisite and offers a fresh, imaginative take on the beloved Christmas tale and it is one of the sweetest Christmas movies to watch with kids.

10. Elf

A genuinely outstanding performance is required to convey the idea of a middle-aged man who thinks he is one of Santa’s elves.

But few characters are as perfectly fitted for one another as Will Ferrell and Buddy the Elf. Buddy, who has lived in the North Pole his entire life, travels back to New York City to see his biological father, who put him up for adoption.

It is one of the great Christmas favorites that appeal to audiences of all ages and demographics. “Fish out of water” humor seldom works this effectively.

The Takeaway!

Get into your coziest holiday pajamas, pull out the holiday cookies and treats, and refer to our list of Christmas movies by watching them with your children. These have been carefully chosen after countless hours spent in front of the TV.

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