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Let's show them how much fun it can be to let their imaginations run wild!

With simple activities and a bit of guidance, you can help your 4-6-year-olds unlock their creativity and have a blast doing it. Whether it’s making gift cards, staging a play, or going fruit picking, there are plenty of engaging and screen-free activities you can enjoy with your kids. So, let’s get started and inspire the next generation of young creatives!

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Unlock Your Child's Laughter and Learning Potential with Every Episode!

Join the Tashi Non-Stop web series for endless family fun and imagination! Our whimsical cast of characters will take you on unforgettable adventures that ignite a passion for education, self-expression, and independent thinking. With our unique approach, we inspire children of all ages to be creative and have fun while learning. Come experience the joy and laughter of Tashi Non-Stop!


Get Ready to Laugh Out Load

Get ready to laugh out loud and let your imagination run wild with Tashi’s hilarious and quirky videos! Our love for creating fun and unique content is sure to capture the hearts and minds of kids everywhere.

Tashi’s outrageous characters find themselves in some pretty wild situations that will have your little ones rolling on the floor with laughter. But our videos aren’t just about humor; we also touch on important issues like fitting in and overcoming fears in a lighthearted way that kids can enjoy and even learn from.

Parents, get ready to use Tashi’s videos to inspire your children towards greater creative self-expression and independent thinking. Our unique approach to entertainment uses humor and comedy to make learning fun and easier for kids. Join us on an adventure that sparks excitement for education, learning, and self-expression.


Tashi's Teachings

Experience wonder and curiosity with our fun-filled family entertainment.

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Designed for Children

Our product is thoughtfully designed for children of all ages, taking into consideration their unique developmental needs and interests to provide a safe and engaging experience.

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Endorsed by Both Kids and Adults

Experience the joy of family entertainment that brings laughter and learning together with our content, which has been enthusiastically recommended by both kids and adults alike.

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Web Adventures

Come on an exciting adventure with Tashi Non-Stop! Join Tashi and all of her silly friends on fun-filled escapades that will make you laugh and spark your imagination.