Snoodles on the Loose! A Tashi Non-Stop Adventure

by Natasha Hanina (Author), Houston Howard (Author)  

Get Ready for a Whirlwind of Fun and Friendship!

Step into Borington, where Lucas’s dazzling smile and Snoodles’ quirky imagination collide in a burst of laughter and adventure. But hold on – a newfangled phone snatches Lucas’ attention away, leaving poor Snoodles feeling left out. With Lucas busy with his new phone, Snoodles sets off on a whimsical quest for connection, finding a magical treehouse bursting with imaginative pals and a fun friend named Tashi.

Will Lucas realize that gadgets should take a backseat to fantastic friendship? Can Tashi help them reunite?

Snoodles on the Loose is an enchanting rollercoaster celebrating creativity, camaraderie, and the wonders of imagination.

Discover the Magic of Friendship & Imagination with “Snoodles on the Loose!”


Calling all kids (and kids at heart)! Are you ready for a hilarious, heartwarming adventure about the amazing power of friendship and the limitless world of your imagination? Meet Lucas, a kid with a dazzling smile and an even more extraordinary best friend – Snoodles! With his silly rhymes, mismatched socks, and big purple heart, Snoodles makes every day an amazing adventure. Together, Lucas and Snoodles are an unstoppable duo!

But wait! Trouble arrives in the form of a super cool new phone. Suddenly those silly antics and wild games that Lucas and Snoodles loved disappear behind a glowing screen. Poor Snoodles starts to feel a little…invisible. Can imaginary friends compete with buzzing notifications and flashy games?

Never fear! Snoodles isn’t ready to give up. With a spark of determination and a dash of bravery, he sets off on his own quest for fun and friendship. Along the way, he stumbles upon an incredible secret – a magical treehouse bursting with colors and laughter. It’s here that he meets Tashi, a fun-loving and fearless girl who believes anything is possible!

With Tashi as his guide, Snoodles’ world blossoms! Explore talking teapots, chase runaway gingerbread men, and discover hidden kingdoms guarded by sleepy squirrels. The treehouse brings adventure beyond his wildest dreams.

But back in Lucas’s world, something isn’t quite right. The dazzling phone starts to lose its sparkle. Could it be… is Lucas actually missing his furry, funny, purple friend? Could his own imagination offer just as much excitement as that new smartphone?

Get ready for a fantastic journey as Snoodles and Tashi hatch a plan to reunite these best friends. Their mission to recapture the magic of friendship will send you on a whirlwind of laughter, surprises, and maybe even a few happy tears.

“Snoodles on the Loose!” is more than a book – it’s a ticket to a world of endless fun, big belly laughs, and a true understanding of the magical power of friendship.

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