Camping activities for kids

Camping is a great way to bond with your kids and keep them entertained. The best part is that camping can be done year-round, no matter where you live.

If you plan to take your kids camping this summer, you have some exciting things to look forward to! There are plenty of excellent camping activities for kids that will keep them engaged and learning at the same time.

From camping under the stars to sleeping in tree houses and making s’mores by a campfire, here are 15 outdoor activities your kids will love. Have a look!

1. Build a Sandcastle

Kids love building sandcastles. Nothing is better than spending quality time at the beach or lake, playing in the sand, and making a sand castle.

Building sand castles can also help children strengthen their math skills and spatial reasoning. While kids can build their own sand castles, there are many creative ideas you can add to make your kids’ castles even more fun.

2. Create a Water Maze

There’s a lot to love about creating a water maze, even for kids.

First of all, it’s a great science project. Second, you can make it very simple or very complex depending on the age of your kids.

A simple version would simply be a hole cut into the ground filled with a little bit of water. In this case, the hole could be as small as a pencil-sized hole or as big as the hole in a swimming pool.

If you’re interested in more of a challenge, you could make a big circular water tank, add some plants to fill it with oxygen and make a “door” using PVC pipe to make swimming easier.

This design is an excellent option for older kids and adults who aren’t quite ready to jump into the deep end.

3. Make a Tunnel Out of Balsa Wood

Balsa wood is super easy to work with. It comes in sheets that can be cut with scissors or snipped with a utility knife, and its lightweight makes it easy to carry.

With this kind of tool, there’s no excuse not to have fun on the trail. Plus, building a tunnel in the woods is good for everyone’s mental health.

4. Play on the Beach

Soak up some sun, take a stroll down to the ocean, and look for sea shells, rocks, and driftwood. Let your kids explore the area, play games, and enjoy time with family and friends.

5. Make a Waterfall

One of the easiest ways to keep kids engaged during camping trips is to make sure there are plenty of things to do that require physical movement. There’s no better way to get your kids active than by setting up a waterfall.

A waterfall is a simple water hazard for kids to play around in. You can make one with some large rocks and a shallow creek. You can get your kids moving for hours by using just a few items.

6. Have a Party at Night

Camping out at night is the ultimate camping idea. You can build a fire, cook hotdogs and marshmallows, and play card games or board games.

Make it fun. Have the kids bring out the campfire and some marshmallows. Then, let them light a stick and roast them over the fire. They’ll have a blast, and you’ll have an even bigger party!

7. Hang a Moon Phallus from the Sky

For the children, campers, teens, adults, and parents camping ideas, you may choose to hang a moon phallus in the sky for all those camping on the ground below to see. The moon phallus is used to help the campers and kids to have a fun time with the beautiful night sky, the moon, and the starry night.

These campfire activity ideas will teach your kids about the lunar phases, solar systems, and patterns of nature.

8. Go Hiking

Kids need to get out of their comfort zone. If you’re camping, there is usually no escaping from nature. So take the kids outside and get them involved in a little bit of hiking.

They’ll have a blast, and their experience will be a learning experience. Remember, the great outdoors can teach them about perseverance, determination, and the joy of overcoming obstacles.

9. Camp by a Firepit

Fire pits aren’t just for picnics and backyard parties anymore. Fire pits are an excellent place for kids to explore the outdoors.

Whether your children love to camp or don’t know what to expect when pitching a tent, having a fire pit nearby is a great way to enjoy nature.

10. Create a Haunted House

It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult — everyone loves a good scare! This is a great activity for the fall season because it’s the perfect way to enjoy nature and still thrill your kids.

This can be as simple as getting a bunch of large cardboard boxes and tape on the outside.

Cut a hole in the front, stick some lights through, and tape a few fake cobwebs up on the ceiling. Then, put on some terrifying music and let your kids come to the door of the box to scare the heck out of themselves. They’ll laugh hysterically.

11. Make a Solar Powered Lantern

Kids love to camp, but many parents worry that their children don’t get enough exercise while camping. One creative solution is to bring along some solar-powered lanterns for kids to play with in the evenings.

During the day, solar lanterns take advantage of sunlight and recharge at night. Children can turn them on and off with the touch of a button and enjoy a soft glow for hours.

12. Build a Windmill

The windmill is a great camping activity for kids because it teaches math, physics, and engineering.

Kids can use all sorts of materials to build a windmill, including empty soda cans, paper bags, paper towels, cardboard boxes, and even old CDs. After the windmill is built, you can use it as a target practice game to see who can hit the target the farthest.

13. Learn About Plants

There are a lot of outdoor camping activities that kids can enjoy while camping, and they are often overlooked. Whether your kids are new to camping or want to try something new, they can learn a lot by exploring nature.

Children love learning about plants and bugs. They can grow some of the same plants they enjoy eating and help teach them about the environment. They can learn how to cook over an open fire and build a shelter to stay dry during rainstorms.

14. Make a Terrarium

Terrariums are perfect for kids who love plants and nature. Kids will also enjoy building the terrariums and learning about plants and the environment through the process.

You can teach kids about biology and ecology while making them a terrarium that is a beautiful part of the outdoors. They will love seeing and feeling the changes in the plants as they grow.

15. Collect Wild Edibles

This camping activity is great for kids because it teaches them about the environment and the importance of conservation. Plus, it’s enjoyable!

Wild edibles are found all around us, and even though you don’t need to collect them, it’s an excellent learning experience to discover new things in nature.

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Camping is all about having fun outdoors, creating memories with friends and family, exploring new places, and learning about nature. It’s so much more than sleeping under the stars, eating a hot meal, and going on a hike. The best campsites and campgrounds offer activities for all ages.
When you’re in the wilderness, you should be prepared. That means packing extra snacks and water, having the right equipment, and being ready to tackle whatever comes your way. The few fun activities mentioned above will be great for your kids’ camping trip adventures.


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